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We, at DD Public School, have a special definition of a ‘hero.’ To us, a hero is someone who makes all the efforts to fuel human potential, so that each individual can provide value to the society. We salute the true heroes behind our success as a school, those hands who have been working tirelessly for years together so that we can live our lives in happiness and bliss. The teachers day is one such day which reminds us of our duty and holds us responsible for what we should do.Teachers are the heart of our nation. They are not only molding young minds but are also shaping the future of country.

On this special occasion let’s join hands to
express our gratitude towards these unseen


Ms. Vaneeta Tomar Principal DD Public School

DDPs Prinicipal

They say that you recognise your true strength at the time of turmoil. During lockdown resulting from the outbreak of the Pandemic , desolate roads, a strange scary silence all around had affected me too like any other sensitive soul and left a deep void in my heart for a  considerable time. But Hope – a panacea in a world of gloom and darkness, came to the fore to  sustain life.

Thought initially to be a short time visitor, Covid 19 proved all assumptions wrong and has already been enjoying its stay for around 17 months.

The most shocking time was the end of April, 2021 when  my RT-PCR result was  declared to be positive. Shocking- because a person who was reminding the whole team about social distancing and inevitability of wearing masks was the first and the only one to suffer from the infection of the lethal virus.

‌Believe it or not – any one who suffered from Corona might have felt at least once to be at the threshold of death and started preparing for his/ her final journey to Parlok. Initial days were really difficult, running a high temperature and feeling breathlessness and  puking even on drinking water but as I always say that it’s the mind that controls the body, surmounting  all the difficulties I continued with my own classes, constant supervision of the classes of the team- members and giving substitutions for a few colleagues of mine having their own share of problems. Bleakest was the evening when I heard that a small kid of my school lost her father and a doctor of mine too succumbed to the Corona Virus. Even I was shaken to the core. The very first thought that crept into my mind  was,” What will be of my school?” Promptly came the reply, ” Nothing stops in this world. The show goes on.” Hope popped out with a brighter face chiming  sweetly, “You cannot surrender without reaching your goal.” Yes- seeing the DDPS Senior Secondary School flag soaring high is my dream . Even Death is scared of visiting people with steel determination. The most enriching experience of this unprecedented time that began with a struggling phase with technology ended up with broadened outlook for positivity, adaptability, acceptability of the challenge to give my best irrespective of the circumstances.

I sign off with the words that life is more fun when you have the courage to grow with the New. So let’s keep learning and growing…

— Ms. Vaneeta Tomar Principal DD Public School —

Ms. Aditi Rawat Co-ordinator DD public school

That’s me Ms Aditi Rawat a mother of one ,married to a force personnel and a teacher by choice not chance ,I have always loved challenges professionally and personally ,Here I am narrating to you my experiences as a teacher during Pandemic time ,It was initially looking very difficult to even imagine in the wildest dream that the most lively ,interactive thing of the world that’s teaching will all shift to a virtual world .But then that was the need of hour ,Struggling with the signals ,running out of the room and shouting to the best of vocal capacity. Neighbors knew more of my routine  .That was the reason I shifted to the WIFI mode . Being at home and working  was walking on a sword ⚔️ managing online classes with the smooth functioning of house at times drained me out physically and mentally ,had to keep track when to keep the Mike mute of the class so that my house noise should not disturb my class ,to switching off the video when abruptly my dog came beside me and started barking Zoom became a part of life ,from daily scheduling of classes to sharing the link ,when we accepted this routine didn’t even realise ,everything had the name virtual added to it ,virtual celebrations became a routine affair .Signing off with the never say give up attitude ,come what may we at DDPS will continue with everything as if it was normal ,the online challenges have become the new normal for us ..

Ms. Aditi Rawat

Co-ordinator DD public school

Teaches Maths, English ,Computer

Ms.Prerna Yadav, Teaches Computer Science

Prerna DD public School

As the saying goes ‘when the going gets tough the tough gets going’, pandemic era has not been a bed of roses for anyone. The educational institutions bore a desolate look and the teaching and learning community were desperate to meet. Many a learners in the far remote languished in ignominious darkness in search of knowledge. Amidst all this, I was blessed with maternity and had to leave my job in 2019. Although, motherhood is a heavenly experience but I missed the students and the classroom pandemonium as teaching is both my vocation and avocation. Therefore, desperate to be back to my passion I joined the teaching profession in July 2020 and luckily the online platforms were my sole rescue as I was able to devote time to my infant baby daughter and do justice with the students also.

Time had taken a heavy toll on the social set-up of the society and it was difficult to cope up with both care of the loved ones and one’s professional growth. One has to be compromised with and up to a certain extent I had to compromise at the family front also. I should be thankful to my wonderful and understanding family due to which I never felt that  there has been dereliction of duty towards them.  

The time was not easy as many of my near and dear ones were down with Corona and the sudden demise of a close relative with whom I had spent my childhood was not easy to compromise with but the passion of teaching kept me going on in life. Though, it was mandatory to come to the school during this time but the school administration has been benevolent enough to permit me to continue with the online classes during the duration of cremation rituals.

It was difficult to stay away from my daughter, who had just completed her first year of existence on earth but I could not compromise with my duties. With a steel heart, wearing double mask, gloves, sanitizer etc. I started going to the school and continued with my job with full enthusiasm ensuring that I should not carry the fatal infection back home as along with my little daughter there are elderly people also. 

Despite of all this mental trauma I am extremely grateful to the members of my family and our Principal madam for being the rock solid support during the tough time by infusing life into the skeleton of a depressed personality. It has been their support due to which I was able to keep the show going on. I am also thankful to the Almighty who has always made the way clear in such disastrous situations.

I pen down with the quote of P. B. Shelly “If winter comes can spring be far behind.” Time will soon be back to normal completely and once again all the activities will be as they used to be.


Ms.Prerna Yadav

Teaches Computer Science & IT IN-CHARGE CS/IT Dept.

Ms. Shalini Shareen, CCA Incharge

I am Shalini Sareen.I have been teaching since the last 10 years. I joined D. D Public School in 2019.I am working as a Science teacher and C.C.A Incharge in D. D Public School. As everyone is aware that teaching has changed a lot in recent times. The Corona period has closed schools, creating disturbance in education and examination. Before Corona, my daily routine was to prepare notes from books, explain to the students in class. During this situation, not only studies and other management work also started becoming virtual but the interaction between teachers and students became virtual too. Parents were also very worried about the future of their children. It was very difficult for me to teach an online platform under this pressure. I was worried about how online studies will go? So my first step is to find the right online teaching platform, then How to learn the various features? How to maintain discipline in my class ? I want to learn the right online teaching techniques and strategies to keep my students engaged.I was worried but I didn’t give up I learned some from my kids and some from experts. During the virtual class sometimes some actions are taught by the students also. Today I’m not only teaching through phone or laptop but I have learnt to take tests, checks and keep a digital record of it. Even though it happened due to the compulsion of the pandemic, it has brought me closer to the technology. However, it took some extra effort for this. Time always teaches us something and this time I have learned that It was difficult but instead of giving up we must move with the time.

Ms. Shalini Shareen

CCA Incharge

Teaches – Science

Mrs. Anupama

As a teacher, it is my duty to provide knowledge and guidance to my students. I have the power to expand the limits of my students’ minds and push their creativity. It is my pleasure to be in an environment where I am appreciated.

Mrs. Anupama

Mr Shama Yamdagini

While the COVID pandemic was raging in the city , I never missed a class and conducted regular classes, exam invigilation and extra exam duties even when the cases were caught in nearby colleges. May God bless all sentient beings.

Mr Shama Yamdagini

Mrs Deepti Bisht


 *Working in DD Family   since April  2019.

 *Before it 10years experience  with SGRR and APPS.

 Qualification :-Graduation and NTT.

Mrs Deepti Bisht

Teacher of Play Group

Mrs. Hema Pant

Education is her passion. She is very focused on the well being of the kids. She completed her masters in Chemistry from HNB University. She loves to teach Play Group Students. She is working with D D Public School, Dehradun since 2017. 

Mrs. Hema Pant

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